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founded 1906

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Rattler Boyz from Worcester

Victory 'A'  Cheltenham division 4

Kingswood skittles

Clevedon Skittles League

Gloucester City Skittles League

Gloucester Charity Skittles League

Nailsworth Skittles League

Tivoli Boys of Cheltenham division 1

Somerset Skittle League

Poulton and District Skittle League

Newport and District Skittle (Alley) League

Dunton Bassett Skittle League

Hereford and District Invitation League

The Hustlers of division 2

Newton Abbot and District Skittles League from division 4 Berkeley and District League

from the Cirencester District Men's Skittles League.

Tewkesbury & District Skittles League

Dorset skittles blog  

a Dorset team  

The Berkeley & District Skittles League

allsports skittles team of Men's Division 3

Cheltenham Civil Service Skittles Club  

Cheltenham Saracens multi sports club

BBC Radio Gloucestershire Skittles

Play in the Berkeley and District Skittles League

London Skittles

at the Hampstead Lawn Billiard and Skittles Club

King of sites want information on skittles this site gives you buckets full !!

Gloucester Charity League

Evesham and District Inter-Club Skittles League

 Stroud and District Skittles League

Central Skittles League and links

Poole and District Skittles League

Bere Regis Skittles 

Apparently their league is odd as teams are not affiliated to any pub but each game is allocated a pub each week. But the web site follows the fortunes of the Bere Essentials in the Wareham League.

Irish Skittles  Yes, they play a skittles game in Ireland. It looks as though the term "skittle" refers to both the projectiles ("throwers") and the pins ("standers"). Five skittles stand inside a ring and you have to knock them out of the ring - not just knock them over....On facebook ....then go to Irish Skittles Association....interesting video

Hands up who knew they played skittles down there !!

Ross and District Skittles League

Mavericks Skittles team  We are the Mavericks skittle team and we play in the Alphington Sports and Social Club skittle league, in Exeter, Devon.  

They play in the Bristol Northwest Skittles League

play at The Bell at Evercreech in Somerset in the Castle Cary Skittles League

Bideford and District Skittles League

University of Bristol Skittles League  

Street and District Skittles League

Avalon Ladies Skittles League

Luton and District Skittles League

Whitchurch and District Skittles League

G.D.B.A. Villages Skittles League

Raising money for guide dogs for the blind

Bridgewater Town and District Skittles League

League founded in 1912

Buffaloes Skittles Team                                                                                                                                      founded in 1976 and playing in the Whitchurch & District Skittles League division 2

Weston-Super-Mare & District Skittles League  

The Dabhands Skittles team 

Team from the Weston -Super-Mare league above

The Shoot Out Club

Covers a multitude of sports and are the organisers of the Blackthorn Skittles Finals....great links page

Syston and District Skittles League

Long alley skittles

Dirty Dozen Skittles team

They play in the 2nd. Division of the  Whitchurch and District Skittles League with their home alley at Llanbradach ( no l can't pronounce it !) Working Men's Club, Llanbradach (there, l said it again ),Caerphilly

Leicester Mixed Skittles Summer League

It's different !! Alan is very enthusiastic organiser from this league

The Spinners

History of Skittles

Lots of info plus many other links

Warminster Skittles League

The Warminster and District Skittles League was founded in 1956 with one division and 14 teams. The League has now grown to seven divisions and 87 teams. This is a very tidy and well organized site, if anyone from Warminster reads this. please ,where's my link ?

Weymouth & Portland Skittles League

League of 6  men's divisions and 3  ladies divisions, there must be a joke in there somewhere about sand on balls etc,.

Eastville Skittles League 

Totnes Skittles League   

A new web as of February '05

Sarnia Skittles

Skittles League in the Hampshire Lodge Hotel, Guernsey, nice place for a friendly tour match ?

Finnish skittles

Don't ask...they're just different....ok !!.


 Les Quilles de g (English version)

it's a kinda skittles....but not as you know it !!


British Officers Kegel Club, Germany

I bet you think I'm making these up !!


Slovenian nine pin website

But I know no more....couldn't understand a thing.


Les Bitlles Catalanes

Catalonia....Yep, they play a form of skittles there


Leicester Mixed Table Skittles Summer League

Nice site with lots of photographs.

 Gloucestershire links web   

Moorpool Skittle Alley-Birmingham


New multi links web

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