Cheltenham Threat To

Another Male Stronghold

Cheltenham women are out to make skittling history. A gallant band of 14 have termed themselves 'The Doves', and at the Crown and Harp Inn at Bishops Cleeve, have disputed the alley is  a man's domain.

Having asserted their right with nines and 'spares, ' they are now looking further afield, and what is said to be the first  inter women's skittles match is the result.

On Tuesday March 26 1935 at Eastfield Inn, Henleaze, Bristol, the Doves will meet the Peter Pan Club, a newly formed Feminine skittles organisation at Bristol.

In the meantime the Doves will be getting their eye in on the 'bird' or centre pin, and starting with tonight skittles will fly in all directions during practice for the great event.

Mrs. E.Cox, wife of the licensee of the Crown and Harp, is one of the leading lights of the Doves and a young woman most hopeful of a future for women skittles.

"We are as good as the men any time" she declared to an 'Echo' reporter and backed this up by saying one of the members scored 14 with 3 balls.

Mrs Cox does not see any reason why the sport should not be popular with woman, and stated " It is a game of skill, and is good for women as for men." She looks forward to inter-club matches on a greater scale.

At any rate another male stronghold is being threatened.


Taken from the Echo of  24 March 1935


The Cheltenham Ladies team of skittles The Doves

Standing Miss Vera Nash, Mrs A. Crisp, Mrs Alcock, Mrs Vizard, Miss D.Halling, Mrs Ballinger.

Seated. Mrs M. Payne, Mrs Cox (Secretary) Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Phil Poole (Captain) Mrs D. Castle, Mrs W.Denley