Gone but not forgotten

Skittlers that have left us in 2023

Nancy Fagan passed away on 4th. January . She had been playing skittles

Since 1981 for St Gregory's Ladies and more recently for Wanderers Ladies.

She was well known in the the ladies divisions and as still playing at 96 years

and with her friendly nature disarm even the most serious.





Skittlers that have left us in 2022

It is with deep sadness that we hear  that Gladys Wise passed away after a short illness.


Tony Coleman


It is with great sadness that I must let you know that our President – Tony Coleman, passed away on Tuesday November 22nd 2022.

Tony had suffered a stroke in September, from which he was making a good recovery until the beginning of November when he had another slight stroke. Following which Dr’s looked for the cause of his strokes, and the outcome was the discovery of Pancreatic Cancer.

Lesley, Tony’s wife, appreciates that many of you will know Tony personally, and asked that the news be shared, despite its utter sadness and shock at the speed of his passing.

Tony was a Founder Member of the Kraftsmen Skittle Team, started up with employees from Kraft, around 50 years ago – and in fact the only original member left in the team.

Despite retiring to Swindon, he loved skittles, both playing and being part of the Executive Committee.

He served as our Treasurer from 2000-2013, when he stood down and then served as our Vice President, until he took on the Presidency in 2019.

Tony was a familiar face ‘chalking the board’ during the Front Pin Tournaments, and being present at our Celebration Nights helping to present the trophies and Glass Mementoes.

Tony will be greatly missed in  Skittle land.

Our thoughts and sympathies go to

Lesley and All the Family;

The Kraftsmen Skittle  Team,

& All other skittling friends.


Hon. Secretary




She played skittles over 50 years for Old Anchor Ladies. 

 She will be missed by her many friends.

Skittlers that have left us in 2020

Bryn Davies, Founder member of the Merrymakers Skittle team died 24th.January 2020

He started the team in the 1976/77 season, when they won division 15 title. He captained the side for many years, celebrating

the Charities Cup win in 2003/04 season and finally making Premier 'A' in2013/14 season and winning 6 titles en-route.

He will be greatly missed.

Skittlers that have left us in 2019

Brian Dance


Brian was a skittler for 58 years and he was a much loved and respected player at

The Cheltenham Bus Company Skittles team. He also played for The Traction B's.

He spent most of his working life on the buses and this is a fitting tribute to his years of dedication that one of the new buses

has been named after him. We lost our dear friend and team mate last year and he has left a hole

that will never be filled.


Keith (Bernie) Matthews


Member of the Mackesons Skittle team.

Skittling for over 50 years

Playing for Whitbread Flyers and Mackesons.


Jack Surman

24th. April 1949-9th. December 2019.

Played for The Cream and Bishops Cleeve Rangers


Skittlers that have left us in 2018


Sad to announce the passing of Ted Knight 95,

Ted played for the Victory 'A' for 43 years

and had play in the league since 1947.

Skittlers that have left us in 2017


Brian played skittles for over 50 years with 25 years with BC Outcasts and 25 years with Smiths 'A' with an

addition 4/5 years with  Legion 'B' BC. He took part in all of Smiths four Charity cup wins and was a willing fund

raiser in Smiths regular Christmas matches for charity against the Aristocrats ladies over a 10 year period

raising lots of money for local charities. Brian was a gentleman and a popular player with all his team mates and

opponents over many years. He leaves a wife June, 3 daughters and a son and grandchildren.

He made his mark.


We were very sorry to learn that one of our Skittlers, Stan Marchant, passed away recently.

Stan played for Smith’s A, and was well known within the skittles community.

In November 2014 Stan celebrated 60 years with Smith’s A

Here are the words replicated from his Knight in Shining Armour Certificate and glass Memento

which were presented to him at that time, which sums up his skittling history within the League.

Stan Marchant Smith’s ‘A’ Skittle Player 1954 – 2014 History and Achievements Season:

1962-1963 Division 1 Champions (At that time Division 1 was the top division) Season:

1988-1989 Charity Cup Champions Michael Whitbread Champions

Whitbread Supreme Champions Season: 1992-93

Division 1 Champions Charity Cup Champions 1994

Michael Whitbread Champions Season 1997-1998 Charity Cup Champions

Not forgetting his being Chairman of Smith’s A Skittle Team for around 20 years,

Our sincere sympathies go to his Family, Sons Steve and Nick, Daughter Hilary and Stepson Peter, and their families,

as well as his fellow skittlers in Smith’s A Skittle Team and his many friends,

 all of whom will miss him greatly. Stan’s game has ended, but the memories of him playing bowl on……………





Sadly we have to report that Ron Bennett passed away on 30th December at the age of 89. Ron played skittles for over 60 years, latterly with the Malvern B and Prestbury Rovers teams , and was still playing (in Summer League) until September 2016, when sadly his health deteriorated and he was unable to continue.

He will be fondly remembered for his encyclopaedic memory of past games and unusual events, and for his unfailing good humour (even managing to raise a smile when opposing teams raised the chorus of Da Doo Ron Ron for the 500th time.)

Our sympathies go to his sons, Rob & Clive, and their families.

(Prestbury Rovers Skittle Team)


Cheltenham Skittle League were sad to learn that Eric  Selley , passed away recently,

Eric played for the Norwood 'A' for many years, he along with his brother Dennis were

founding members of the skittle league when it was reformed in 1947. With Eric's passing

 I believe he would  be the last playing members of 1947 reformed league.

He will be missed by his many friends in Bath Road area...me being one of them.


Dennis and Eric


Skittlers that have left us in 2016

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of the founder members

of the Winalots , Richard (Dickie) Knight passed away in his sleep on Tuesday

13th. December. Dickie was a lifelong friend to most of the Winalots, and also

to many players in the skittling fraternity. Dickie will be sadly missed by so many,

and our deepest sympathies go out to Dickies family. May he rest in peace. Amen.



It is with sadness that we can confirm fellow Skittler, Dave Bloxsome has passed away. Some of you will know Dave from his Cannonball Skittling days, or Temperance 12, and lately, The Adders. You will also remember his involvement in the Front Pin Tournaments when he used to enjoy catching up with other skittlers and chalking the board as he was very, very good with numbers.

Dave has long been an integral member of the League with his role as Associate Committee Member and IT Team Member. Charmian (Hon. Sec) and Dave spent many a happy (?) hour lamenting the divisions, how to make them work, who to put upwards and who to put downwards and all things like that….and he was usually present at the AGM’s to listen to the recommendations knowing that despite any controversy the divisions were laid out with the best intent to keep everyone skittling who wanted to do so – and he felt it as keenly as the rest of us when Alleys shut their doors and teams had to be found new homes………or when a team finally gave up.

Despite knowing his recent illness was serious, Dave maintained a positive attitude, and reached the goals he had set out – he was present at this year’s AGM, had been involved in this season’s dates and fixtures, and he achieved his Golden Wedding Anniversary with his wife Chris.  He enjoyed his birthday at the start of October, his quiz nights at the Greatfield, and kept up with the Adders Skittle team either by being present at the game or discussing it afterwards with team members.

Our sympathies go to his wife Chris and Sons Steve and Paul and their families and of course his friends and fellow skittlers.

He will be greatly missed by everyone, but particularly The Adders, the Executive Committee and the Hon. Secretary and the I.T. team




Pete 'Speedy' Regan

Sadly we have lost another fellow skittler Pete 'Speedy' Regan.

Pete passed away in Gloucestershire Royal on Saturday.

Pete had played for the Rolling Pins just over 50 years

and was well known  in the skittling fraternity.




It's with great sadness to announce that Tim Masling

 tragically died on Friday. Tim had many friends and

and so well known within skittling circle. Tim was Front Pin

champion in 1993 and 2013. He had recently joined

the leagues committee. Rest in Peace Mate,

you will be missed by so many and our heartfelt

 condolences go to his family and friends.



Skittlers that have left us in 2014/15

Cheltenham Skittle League were sad to learn that Jon Huckfield, who passed away recently, was in fact one of our Skittlers – playing for Cheltenham Allsorts.

Not only did he skittle in the Cheltenham League, but he played in the Gloucester League also.

Jon had served his apprenticeship at Spirax Sarco, where he was still working until his untimely passing.

The Service to Celebrate his Life, held at Gloucester Crematorium, served to emphasise what a great character he was, with a tremendous love of sport, (Rugby, Cricket, Football), a love of Skittles, who had many friends with whom he shared those events - not forgetting the great nights in the Longlevens Community Centre, and local Pubs, (including the King Teddy’s).

 It also emphasised how much he was loved and valued by so many, given that there were more people standing outside the Crematorium Chapel than could fit in it.

Our sympathies go to his family, Cheltenham Allsorts Skittle Team, and all the many friends by whom he will be missed.

‘ The games have ended, but many memories of Jon in happier times remain with us as we go forward without him.’

We were sorry to learn that Jean Brindley, Secretary, Umbrella Ladies passed away recently. Jean loved skittles, and had been Secretary of the Umbrella Ladies for many years – She was a staunch supporter of the Umbrella Pub during all its difficulties and it was sad to know that she will not play in the recently refurbished alley and pub. Perhaps it was fitting that the first game played by her team, following her passing, was at The Umbrella, against The Aristocrats who are also based there. Glasses were raised to Jean during the game – and no doubt she would have joined in with the laughter, as well as understood the tears of sorrow shed that night.

It was standing room only at her Service of Thanksgiving, a fitting tribute to a lovely lady, family orientated, and an Umbrella Ladies Skittle Player who will remain in the heart of her team.

A Poem for Jean,

penned by a teammate


A persistent tear is in our eyes

It just won’t go away

It came along the day you died

It could be here to stay

The Memories that we have of you

They will go on and on

All the laughter and the dance

And don’t forget that song (Alice)

Your comic tales, your lovely smile

Your thirst for Ginger beer

When we hit a one or miss a spare

We know that you’ll be near

With that in mind you’ll hear us say

God, wish our Jean was here !


John (Lewi) Ledeux

John was one of the founder members and instigators of the Rolling Pins, formed from a Dowty apprentice team later to be joined by several Smith’s apprentices on joining the CSL, more than 50 years ago.

John was captain for the first 15 years and loved his skittles, it was his sport both summer and winter. He was an enthusiastic team player who wore his heart on his sleeve and was usually at the forefront of several feisty (but sporting) encounters, particularly with the Whaddon Old Boys in the early 60’s and 70’s, when both teams rose through the numerous divisions of the Cheltenham skittles leagues.

He had a distinctive bouncing bowling style often accompanied by the Dambuster’s theme from the opposition, which was silenced when he splattered the frame. This style had a devastating effect both on the score and the pins, John regularly having personal season’s best scores of over 50.

In later years John’s health was not good and ultimately led to an early skittling retirement.

John was a great character, skittling friend and colleague to many. He is sadly missed by all who played with and against him. It was a privilege to have known him. RIP.

The Rolling Pins


Jo Finch of Suffolk Ladies

Joy Captained  and played for over  40 years passed away on 7th December.

Joy is the mother Dave Finch Professional at Cleeve Hill Golf Club.

Rosina Leach

It was with great regret that the Prairie Girls Skittle team, learned of the death of Rosina Leach – known to them as Rose, or Rosebud.

Rose was an original Prairie Girl from their formation in 1964, with her daughter and daughter-in-law playing alongside her in the past.

Rose played skittles continually in the team until the age of 92 !

A grand sum of 45 years.

She was featured in the Gloucestershire Echo (some lovely pictures), when the team asked if she was the oldest player in the League. As far as the Prairie Girls are aware, this has never been contested.

Rose was Team Captain for many years, even when in her 80’s. She enjoyed her skittles, had a good sense of fun and enjoyed the company of her teammates, some still visiting her to keep her in touch with the team when she moved into a nursing home for her last few years.

RIP – our Rose.


Doug ' Nipper' Price of  The Shadows


Doug played many, many years for the Shadows along with his Post Office Colleagues

Passed away 31 October

Awaiting more details



Daniel Patrick John Regan


Passed away 17 November


Jackie Holtom

It is with much sadness that we announce that Jackie Holtom passed away on November 5th.Jackie was the Captain, and Team Member of the Hiccups Skittle Team.  Jackie had played skittles for 42 years for various teams, including The Black & White Ladies, Old Anchor Ladies, Sharpe & Fisher Ladies (now called The Twisters), before she became an integral member of The Hiccups Skittle Team.

Jackie loved playing skittles, and she will be very much missed.

Our sincere sympathies go to her Family, her Friends, and The Hiccups, Victory D, and Suffolk Ladies Skittle Teams.


The game has ended, but memories of her playing, bowl on.



Richard 'Dick' Bolger


 Richard 'Dick' Bolger.  Dick played for Whaddon Old Boys for 11 years then moved away to London and moved to Thailand returning some 6 years ago ,he joined Destroyers for a season and then the Saracens 'C'. moving back to Thailand in June and died 30th.October and is buried there.



John Pearce

It was with sadness that we learnt another of our skittlers passed away on October 18th.

John, a Traveller Skittle Player for over 50 years will be well known to many of you through skittles,but also to the community in Rowanfield, boththrough his happy cycling and whistling, and also walking the dog.He will be much missed by his family and friends who will say their final goodbyes on Tuesday November 5th, at St. Gregory’s Church at 12 Noon.

Our sympathies go to his Family, The Travellers, The Fishers, and The Greg’s Skittle Teams.

John’s game is over, but memories of his skittling travel on………




Keith Lyons of  Duke  of York Skittle Team

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing away of Keith Lyons, the former Captain and Team Player in The Duke of York Skittle Team. Whilst you may not have come across him in League Games, Keith served on the Executive Committee for many years, and you will have seen him chalking the board, line judging etc., during the Charity Cup Games and the Front Pin Tournaments.

Keith was passionate about skittles, and really enjoyed his work with the Executive Committee.  Although his health had meant he gave up Committee work recently, he kept an eye on how we were all doing. His enthusiasm for the game, and its progression into the future will be missed by the Executive Committee.

Our sincere sympathies go to his Family, Friends, The Duke of York Skittles Team, and The Crazy Chicks Skittle Team.

‘The game has ended, but the memories of Keith playing,  bowl on’




Tony Peart of the Rolling Pins

Tony had just completed 50 years skittling with the Rolling Pins

Great friend to so many and is missed.


It is with much sadness that we announce the passing away of Jenny Hall

Jenny had been in the Merrymaids Skittle Team (Ladies Premier A) for many, many years, and she was a familiar face to skittle players

 during the Front Pin Tournaments, Charity Cup games, and the Ladies Premier A Teams.

Her enthusiasm for skittles will be missed by her team, and the League overall.

Our sincere sympathies go to her Family, Friends and the Merrymaids Skittle Team.

            ‘ The game has ended, but the memories of her playing, bowl on’