Cheltenham Skittles League  Venues Locations Periods hosting Skittles since 1906 Longest serving
current venues 
Adam and Eve Townsend St 1911-1916 1948- ** Y
Albion Inn Albion Street 1912-13   Y
Albion House Social Cub (one alley) North St 1994-   Y
Albion House Jubilee North St 2012-   Y
Albion House Olympic North St 2012-   Y
Aluminium Club then became  Saracens Club St Georges Street (1972/1973)-1978   Y
Anchor Inn Warwick Place 1909-1916   Y
Angle Stores Off Great Norwood Street 1911-1916   Y
Bayshill Inn St Georges Place 2015-   Y
Beaufort Arms London Rd 1987-2015, 2016-   Y
Beehive Inn New...Old Beehive Bouncers La 1906-1913  1961- * Y
Bishop Cleeve FC  Old Stoke Road 1985-1994    
 Bishops Cleeve afc  Kayte Lane Southam 2017-2018    
Brewery Club Swindon Road      
Britannia Inn Fairview Road 1961-1987   Y
British Legion BC 85 Pecked La, BC 1969-2015   Y
Brown Jug 242 Bath Rd 1948-2016    Y
Cassidy's (ex Duke of Sussex, later Pickled Duke) 40 Swindon Rd 1990-2000   Y
Charlton Club (Working Mens) Church St, CK 1961- ** Y
Cheese Rollers (ex New Inn) Shurdington 1969-75, 1996-2002,2011-   Y
Cheltenham  Brit Legion Club Potter House, St Anne's Rd 1968-2007   Y
Cheltenham Cricket Club Princes St 1963-   Y
Cheltenham North Club now Labour Club High Street 1976-1994   Y
Cheltenham Rugby Club (see POW stadium) Athletic Ground, Albion St 1961-1984   Y
Churchdown Club Church Rd, Churchdown 1963-   Y
Churchdown Community Centre Parton Road Churchdown 2015 -   Y
Civil Service Club Tewkesbury Rd 2008-   Y
Cleeve Hill Golf Club Cleeve Hill 1977-   Y
Coliseum....Springbok Albion Street      
Conservative Club, Douglas House and Albion Street 4 Albion Street then Vittoria Walk 1948-1998     
Corporation Club site of St James Square 1961-1971    
Crown Inn     Now the Motor Club London Road 1906-1915  1978/1979   y
Crown & Harp (BC) Cheltenham Rd, BC 1948-1989    Y
Double Barrel Salisbury Ave, Warden Hill 2004-2013   Y
Dowty Club (Arle Court) Hatherley Lane 1991-2009   Y
Dowty Rotol Club Down Hatherley 1979-2015   Y
Dowty Rotol Club 3-4 Down Hatherley 1997-2011   Y
Duke of Sussex (later Cassidy's, then Pickled Duke) 40 Swindon Rd 1951-1989   Y
Eagle Star Club Swindon Village (1970)-2007   Y
Eagle Star Club No 2 Swindon Village 1994-2002   Y
East Glos. Tennis Club Old Bath Rd 1967/1968    Y
Fountain Inn 23,Upper Bath Road 1907-1914   Y
Fox & Hounds 116 Prestbury Rd 1998-2012   Y
Full Moon 171 High St 1910-1916  1948-1985    Y
Gas Club Arle Avenue 1961-2011   Y
Golden Miller     later Cotterills 2 Devon Ave 1961-2002   Y
Graham Club at York Hotel St Georges Street 1976-1982   Y
Green Dragon Cockleford 1961-1984   Y
Greyhound Inn Hewlett Rd 1950-2010   Y
Hanover Inn  Hanover Street 1908-1914   Y
Hatherley & Reddings  Cricket Club Shurdington Rd 1986-   Y
Hillview Community Centre Caernarvon Rd, Warden Hill 1996-   Y
Hop Pole Inn 22 Gloucester Rd 1993-2012   Y
Horse & Jockey 51 Townsend St 2001-2011   Y
Irish Oak (ex Royal Oak High St) 298 High St 1997/8, 2002-2014   Y
Kings Arms King St 1948-1967    Y
King Head Hotel 295 High Street 1911-1915   Y
Kings Head BC Bishops Cleeve 1961-1978, 1984-1987, 1989- (**) Y
Labour Club High Street  and    3 Royal Crescent 377 High St (and was previously at Royal Crescent 1961-1917 ** Y
Lansdown Inn Gloucester Rd 1961-1988   Y
Last Drop (ex Vauxhall Inn, later Sportsman) 112 Tewkesbury Rd 1984-1987   Y
Little Owl (ex New Inn C/K) Cirencester Rd 1986-1996, 2003-2013   Y
London Inn London Rd 1948-  ** Y
Malvern Inn 164 Leckhampton Rd 1948-1997    Y
M.E.B Club (Cheltenham) Springbank, Hesters Way 1968-1995   Y
M.E.B Club (Barnwood) Gloucester 1985-1990    
Merryfellow Inn 2 School Rd, Charlton Kings 1961-2015 (**) Y
M&G Club Cold Pool Lane 1978-1999    
Midland Hotel 237 Gloucester Rd 1948-2011    Y
New Inn CK (later Little Owl) Cirencester Rd 1948-1975    Y
New Inn (later Cheese Rollers) Main Road,Shurdington 1961-(1970/1971)   Y
Newlands (see Smiths Club) Evesham Rd 1961-1983, 2004-2012, 2014- (**) Y
Norwood Arms 1,Leckhampton Rd 1961-1986   Y
O'Connors Club (see Labour Club) 377 High St 1994-1917   Y
Oddfellows Arms Benham,Shurdington Rd 1961-1973   Y
Old Anchor Inn 52 Tewkesbury Rd 1948-1964    Y
Old Pats Club   Fairholme Montpellier    Everest Road Everest Rd 1961- ** Y
Old Priory Club (also see St Gregory's Club) Clarence St 1981-1999   Y
Old White Swan/Gloucester Old Spot Piff's Elm 1961-(1972/1973)   Y
Omnibus Club (Crescent Pl)     2 Royal Crescent 2 Royal Crescent then Crescent Pl 1974-2001   Y
Parklands Community Centre Wyman's Rd 1978-   Y
Pheasant Inn Old Gloucester Rd 1961-2011   Y
Pickled Duke (ex Duke of Sussex and Cassidy's) 40 Swindon Rd 2000/2001   Y
Prince of Wales  11, Portland Street 1908-1916   Y
Prince Of Wales Stadium (see Chelt Rugby Club) Tommy Taylor's Lane 1984-2011,2016-17   Y
Prince's Plume Princes St 1961-(1970/1971)   Y
Quaich (ex St James Hotel) Ambrose St 2014/16   Y
R.O.A.B.Club Hereford Pl (1972/1973)-2015   Y
Railway Club  Lansdown Station (1962/1963)-1966    
Railway Inn New St (1972/1973)-2007   Y
Robins Club Whaddon Rd 1980-   Y
Rose & Crown Rose & Crown Passage, High St 1910-1916  1961-1980   Y
Royal Hotel C/K 54 Horsefair St 1948-2001    Y
Royal Oak (B/C) Church Rd, Bishops Cleeve 1961-1995   Y
Royal Oak, High St (later Irish Oak) 298 High St 1908-1916   1961-1996   Y
Royal Oak (Prestbury) The Burgage 1961- ** Y
Royal Union 37 Hatherley St, Tivoli 1961-2011   Y
Saracens Club Great Western Road Great Western Road (1970/1971)-1982    Y
Saracens (J.Cross Room) 35A St George's St 1982-2016   Y
Saracens (J.Morgan Room) 35A St George's St 1982-2008   Y
Shakespeare Inn 274 High St 1913-1916  1961-1976, 1979-1991, 2000/1, 2002/3, 2004-2007   Y
Shamrock 386 High St 2014-16   Y
Sherbourne Arms 33 Sherbourne St 1961-2011   Y
Shurdington SC Pavilion, King George V Playing Field, Shurdington 1989-   Y
Shutter(s) Inn Gotherington 1961-1987, 1989-2012,2015-   Y
Sidney Arms Hotel Portland Street 1948-1960   Y
Smiths Club (see Newlands) Southam Lane 1948-   Y
Somerset Inn Moorend Street 1909-1914 1948- ** Y
Spirax Club (Northcroft Lodge/Redesdale Lawn) The Park (1962/1963)-1998    
Sportsman also see  Vauxhall and Last Drop)  112 Tewkewsbury Road 1987-1993, 1994/5   Y
Stamford House -Cavendish House Club Regent Street 1961-1967, 1969-1980   Y
Staverton Airport/ Aviator Staverton Airport 1966-1971, 1986-1989   Y
Stratford House-Sunset Bar London Rd 1983-1999   Y
St James Hotel (also see Quaich) Ambrose St 1997-2016   Y
St Gregory's (Catholic) Club (also see Old Priory) Clarence Street (1972/1973)-1982   Y
St Marks Com Centre No.1 Brooklyn Rd, Hesters Way 1984-   Y
St Marks Com Centre No.2 Brooklyn Rd, Hesters Way 1991-   Y
St Paul's Hospital Club Swindon Road 1983-2000    
St. Thomas More Club/Ch Hall Princess Elizabeth Way 1978-1991, 2003-2007   Y
Suffolk Arms 40 Suffolk Road 1913-1915 1961-2016 ** Y
Swan Inn (CH) Coombe Hill 1948-1997   Y
 Sun Inn Lower High Street 1913-1915   Y
Swimming Club  later the Saracens Club Great Western Road 1961-(1970/1971)   Y
Talbot Inn 14 Duke Street 1912-1914  1961-1983   Y
Tanners (= Umbrella Inn) Orchard Way 1987-1992   Y
Telehoist Club Manor Road 1969-1983   Y
Tivoli Inn  new         Old 6 Tivoli Place 1910-1914  1961-1979   Y
Umbrella Inn Orchard Way 1961-1987, 1992-2016   Y
United Services Club 1 North Place 1948- ** y
United Services Club 2 North Place 2017- ** y
Vauxhall Inn (see Last Drop & Sportsman) 112 Tewkewsbury Road 1964-1984   Y
Victory Club new    old Victory Club Trafalgar Street then Burlington House, Lypiatt Rd 1964-   Y
Vine Tree Inn Mill Lane, Prestbury 1906-1914   Y
Wellington Bar Lower Bath Road 1907-1914   Y
Welsh Harp Burton Street 1961-1993   Y
Whaddon AFC Whaddon Road 1964-   Y
Whaddon Bowling Club Whaddon Road 1970-   Y
Wheatsheaf Inn Old Bath Road 1948-2011,2016-    Y
Whitbread Club St Margaret's Road (1970/1971)-1999   Y
White Horse Inn  Swindon Road 1912-1914    
 White Swan 39, Burton Street 1910-1914   Y
White Swan Inn (Gloucester Old Spot) Tewkesbury Road 1948-70   Y
Winners No.1 (Goat and Bicycle)Tankard and castle 125 Hesters Way Road 1998-2001   Y
Working Mens Club Lower High Street 1909-1914   Y
York Hotel / Became Aluminium  then moved to St Georges Street Grosvenor Terrace 1961-(1972/73)   Y