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Adam & Eve x x x x x x x x   Adam & Eve Fishers  M01 Tivoli Boys  M02 Kingfishers  M01 Strollers  M01 Fir Trees  M02 Rowanfield S.C.  M04 Ducklings  LPB Gamps Ladies  LPB
  Albion House Jubilee x x x x x x x x   Albion House Jubilee Celery Boys  MPB Nomads  M04 Pittville Outcasts  M02 Ullenwood C.C.  MPA Telehoist A  M02 Whaddon Sports  M01 Liberty Belles  LPB Pinking Blinders  L02
  Albion House Olympic x x x x x x x     Albion House Olympic Britannia  M03 The Rose  M02 Albion House  M04 Fox & Hounds  MPA Merryboys  M01 Starbrights  MPB Belles  L01  
  Bayshill Inn x   x   x x x     Bayshill Inn Vikings  M02   Cheltenham Allsorts  M05   Billy Bunters  M01 Black & White  LPB Castaways  L01  
  Beehive Inn     x   x   x x   Beehive Inn     Beehive Bitzas  MPB   Wheatsheaf Ladies  LPA   Bees  L01 Gothics  LPA
  Charlton Club x x x x x x x x   Charlton Club Merryfellow A  M02 Temperance XII  M03 Allsports  M01 Cowley C.C.  MPB Green Dragon  M05 Rebels  MPB Charlton Ladies A  LPB Merrybelles  L01
  Cheltenham Cricket Club x                 Cheltenham Cricket Club Chelt Cricket Club  M03              
  Churchdown Club     x x           Churchdown Club     All Stars  M03 Chosen Champs  M02        
  Civil Service Club x   x x     x     Civil Service Club Black Abbotts  MPA   Staverton Flyers  MPA Three Bees  M01     Golden Delicious  LPA  
  Hath & Redd C.Club x x x   x x x     Hath & Redd C.Club Hath & Redd C.C.  M02 Royal Bees  M05 Tankards  M04   Jolly Crew  M02 Springers  M04 Charltonians  LPA  
  Hillview Comm. Centre x   x   x   x x   Hillview Comm. Centre Barons  M04   Swan A  M03   Bluebelles  L01   Ex Pats Ladies  L02 Grumpy Old Women  LPB
  Kings Head (B/Cleeve) x x x x x x x x   Kings Head (B/Cleeve) Smiths  A  M01 Young Ones  M05 Bishops Cleeve Outcasts  M01 Rolling Pins  MPA Bishops Cleeve Card Sharks  M03 Mitre  MPB Crown & Harp Ladies  L02 Kings Head Ladies  L02
  London Inn x x x   x x x x   London Inn Hustlers  M02 Smutty Shunters  M05 Knot'Eres  M03   Pluckers  M03 Tabards  M04 Drop-Outs  LPA Ex Cons Ladies  L01
  Newlands x         N/A   N/A   Newlands Motormen Utd.  M02         N/A   N/A
  Old Pats Club     x   x   x     Old Pats Club     Brown Jug B  M05   Globetrotters  MPB   Beavers  L01  
  Parklands Comm Centre x x x x x x x x   Parklands Comm Centre Newton Sports Club  M04 Parklands B  M04 Flyers  MPB Merry Beez  MPA Mackesons  MPB Steamers  MPB Bouncing Babes  LPA Charlie's Angels  LPB
  Robins Club x x     x x x     Robins Club Kraftsmen  MPB Wombles  M01     Destroyers  MPA Ravin Banshees  LPB Smiths Beez  LPB  
  Royal Oak (Prestbury) x x N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A   Royal Oak (Prestbury) Batmen  M02 Royal Oak B  M05 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
  Shurdington Sports Club     x x x   x     Shurdington Sports Club     Shurdington C.C.  M03 Shurdington Sports Club  MPA Madhatters  M01   Malvern Ladies  LPA  
  Somerset Arms     x x     x x   Somerset Arms     Cheltenham King George  M05 Winalots  M05     Scrumpies  L02 Wrong Numbers  LPB
  St Marks Com Centre No.1 x   x x x x x x   St Marks Com Centre No.1 Outcasts  M05   Cheltenham Bus Club  M05 Lansdown  M03 Pink Panthers  LPA Prairie Girls  L02 Halfpennies  L02 Merrymaids  LPA
  St Marks Com Centre No.2         x x x x   St Marks Com Centre No.2         Fillies  LPB Norwood Arms A  MPB Crazy Chicks  L02 Tatty'Eads  LPA
  Umbrella Inn x       N/A N/A N/A N/A   Umbrella Inn Brolly Boyz  M01       N/A N/A N/A N/A
  United Services Club No. 1 x x x x x x x x   United Services Club No. 1 Cannonballs  M01 Duke Of York  M02 Mira  M04 Stragglers  MPA Flowers Original  M03 Seagulls  M03 Stragglettes  LPB Wanderers Ladies  L01
  United Services Club No. 2 x x x x x x x x   United Services Club No. 2 Golden Miller  MPA Members  M03 Eagle Star A  MPB Superstars  M04 Cannonballs Elite  MPA Saracens C  MPA One For The Road  L02 Twisters Ladies  L01
  Victory Club x x x x x x x x   Victory Club Victory A  M05 Whaddon Old Boys  MPA Double Barrel  M04 Victory D  MPA Hiccups  LPA Old Golds  M03 Suffolk Ladies  LPA Victory Ladies  L02
  Whaddon Bowling Club     x   x   x x   Whaddon Bowling Club     Ex Cons  MPB   Moonshiners  L01   Acorns  L01 Queen Bees  L02
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